Polygon Up More Than 13% In A Single Day


The price of the Polygon cryptocurrency has risen 13.28% in just 24 hours. Polygon went from being worth $2.25 to $2.47, which caused a sensation in the markets. During the last week, the trading volume of this cryptocurrency has risen by 28%, moving in a directionally opposite way to the total circulating supply. This makes Polygon one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies today. The latest developments of this cryptocurrency generate great expectations, as many want to acquire it after it has been proven that it is growing more than expected. When it comes to completing transactions within a blockchain network, Polygon represents a solution that reduces time, costs and various complexities.

Getting to know Polygon a little more

Polygon, formerly as Matic Network, is a cryptocurrency born in 2017. Polygon is a platform that allows to improve the fluidity of the Ethereum Blockchain and also facilitate the user experience with this cryptocurrency. Polygon works as a sidechain that connects to the Ethereum network to facilitate its movements on the Blockchain. Since the advent of Decentralized Finance, coupled with the emergence of NFTs, the Ethereum network has several scalability issues. Reality shows that Ethereum traffic gets clogged and Polygon offers a cheaper lateral path to keep everything flowing faster.

The benefits of Polygon

In addition to being a cryptocurrency, Polygon represents an important project that solves all the problems that Ethereum has. Polygon is incredibly attractive to those new to cryptocurrencies because it offers an intuitive architecture that facilitates various operations. Polygon was created to help Ethereum become more competitive and become as attractive and powerful as Bitcoin. In addition, this multilevel platform can connect to any network, not just the Ethereum network. As time goes by, Polygon adds new virtues that make it more interesting in the fluctuating cryptocurrency market. Due to the above mentioned features, Polygon is definitely worth considering.