The Conglomerate Capital announces CONG token presale

The Conglomerate Capital announces CONG token presale

The Conglomerate Capital (TCC) has announced that it will launch a presale for its crypto token, CONG, in the coming week. The company is adamant that the coin will be “the new crypto hype.”

Yves Civolani, co-founder and CEO of TCC, said that he realizes many people need proper financial knowledge and the opportunity to engage in Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) investments to earn profitable returns. Throughout his career, he has learned about the problems that prevent startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from raising capital.

“At TCC, we seek not merely to democratize investment options, but to streamline investment process for investors and fundraising for Companies,”

– Diego Queirantes, co-founder and deals manager at TCC

Civolani wanted these opportunities to be accessible to everyone. Thus, TCC, “a Web3, Ethereum blockchain-based investment and funding platform” governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), was born. By decentralizing VC and PE infrastructures while imposing an accountability cycle and mutual interest alignment, Civolani seeks to address these issues.

“Before beginning to work on the project’s development, a thorough examination of VC/PE, crowdfunding and crypto launchpads sectors was necessary,” Civolani said. “We wanted to comprehend concerns and issues from the viewpoints of all participants: investors, business owners/companies, and platforms.”

Civolani confident CONG will explode

In its introductory video, TCC addresses problems that the investment industry faces. These include limited deep-technical expertise and the exclusivity of assets, PE and VC funds environments. It explains that through the TCC platform, the CONG token provides private market investment opportunities to retail investors.

“We are prepared to revolutionize the World of Investing,” says Diego Queirantes, co-founder and deals manager at TCC. “Investors are more than welcome to go along for the voyage to reshape the way people invest their capital.”

The presale will begin on January 16, at 9:00 a.m. GMT with a price of USDT 0.0025. As soon as the first round finishes, the second round will begin, which will increase the cost of CONG by 20 percent.