What Is Cartesi (CTSI)?

What Is Cartesi

Cartesi allows developers of all kinds to shape way to the next generation of blockchain applications.

What Is Cartesi (CTSI)?

Cartesi is a 2-layer platform known as Blockchain OS, that creates and deploys decentralized applications. The Blockchain OS operates within a Linux system that allows DApps to be created using familiar programming languages such as Python, thus eliminating the need to write Solidity code.

Cartesi was created to make it easier for companies and developers to enter the blockchain space without facing the tedious learning curve.

Below is their mission statement:

  • To offer a full operating system for blockchain applications.
  • To solve the scalability problem using Optimistic Rollups along with the Cartesi Machine to support complex computations.
  • To develop DApps of arbitrary complexity using mainstream development tools and software stacks, and have all of it sit on top of established blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and BNB Smart Chain.

How Does Cartesi Work?

Cartesi has many functions but primarily it’s tied down to the CTSI token, which was created to address key issues of scalability and inconvenience within the blockchain.

CTSI is a utility token:

  • Stakers receive CTSI rewards by staking their tokens and participating in the network.
  • Node runners are selected randomly according to a PoS system and gain the right to create the next block.
  • Users of the network pay CTSI fees to insert data on the side-chain.

CTSI also functions with Cartesi Rollups:

  • Validators will receive CTSI from applications and users when they provide their service for Cartesi Rollups applications.
  • Full details can be read on the Cartesi Network and CTSI article.

The History Of Cartesi

Cartesi was founded by CEO Erick De Moura, COO Colin Steil, CTO Diego Nehab & CSO Augusto Teixeira. Along with a strong team of professional contributors, researchers and engineers capable of implementing cutting edge solutions with the blockchain space.

Is Cartesi A Good Investment?

Cartesi has ambitious goals that could revolutionize the blockchain space and having a maximum supply of 1 billion CTSI coins makes it an attractive incentive to hold the coin for the long run.

In the last bull run you can see CTSI hitting an all time high of $1.42:

Is Cartesi A Good Investment

The majority of coins dropped significantly after the last run and some will probably never recover. The question is whether CTSI has gained sufficient confidence in investors and will that propel a recovery in a new bull run (if we do get one).

To stay up to date with the current CTSI price data, click here.

Should You Buy Cartesi (CTSI)?

Only if you have done your due diligence on the Cartesi project and you are fully sold on the future of it. However it’s always worth only buying a few coins and never investing all your capital on a project. Remember that cryptocurrencies can be risky, so invest wisely and be careful with your hard earned money.

How Many Cartesi (CTSI) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Cartesi has a maximum supply of 1 billion CTSI coins.

Where Can You Buy Cartesi (CTSI)?

If you would like to purchase some CTSI coins, below are a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges which list them.

  • Binance
  • Bitrue
  • Deepcoin
  • BingX
  • XT.COM

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