What Is Ardor (ARDR)?

What Is Ardor

Ardor was created to fix many issues that other blockchains encounter.

What Is Ardor (ARDR)?

Ardor is a public blockchain that aims to address some of the issues faced by existing blockchain technology, such as scalability.

In order to get around that, they had to incorporate a parent-child system. Where Ardor is the parent chain, which provides network security and processes all transactions. And other functionalities for conducting business such as asset exchange, marketplaces, data cloud and more, are handled by the ‘child’ blockchains.

Really clever system, as it helps reduce blockchain burden, host new blockchains and introduce multiple transaction tokens.

ARDR is the native cryptocurrency of the Ardor blockchain.

How Does Ardor Work?

The way the parent-child mechanism works is through a bundling system. It’s the process of combining many child transactions and processing it in the parent chain. The aim would be to employ individual child tokens for transactions, and operate them on the parent or main network.

The parent chain then uses the ARDR tokens to generate new blocks and consensus. Ardor seeks to remove single coin dependency, by using individual coins for child chains. This requires two systems:

  • Forgers (Forging) – To create transactions chain blocks for ARDR tokens. Forgers have the power to decide on the transactions to include in a partnership.
  • Bundlers – To create transaction blocks for child-chain transactions. Bundlers collect order values in individual child tokens.

Aside from this, they will use Proof of Stake to serve as a consensus mechanism for the transactions, which will turn transaction processes energy efficient.

The History Of Ardor

Ardor was created by Jelurida, the same team behind the successful NXT platform. The team consists of about 15 members, including the co-founders Kristina Kalcheva, Petko Perkov and Tomislave Gountchev.

The Ardor mainnet only launched in the year 2017.

Is Ardor (ARDR) A Good Investment?

The project is still in its early stages, but if successful, it could help improve scalability within the blockchains.

As for the price of the ARDR token, the highest that it has ever reached is $1.96 back in January 2018 and then peaked again to $0.50 in April 2021, with a few months later dropping back down to below $0.10, which makes you wonder if ARDR will see another all time high in the future.

Is Ardor A Good Investment

To stay up to date with the current ARDR price data, click here.

Should You Buy Ardor (ARDR)?

By owning ARDR, users are able to participate in the suite of products and services built within the Ardor ecosystem.

If you have done research on the team, vision, whitepaper and you are satisfied with what Ardor has accomplished so far, then potentially it could be a great investment for the long term. Perhaps invest small, and wait for market direction before buying more.

Cryptocurrencies can be risky, so invest wisely and be careful with your hard earned money. As a rule of thumb, never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

How Many Ardor (ARDR) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Ardor has a total supply of 1 billion ARDR coins.

Where Can You Buy Ardor (ARDR) Coins?

If you would like to purchase some ARDR coins, below are a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges which list them.

  • Binance
  • Huobi Global
  • Upbit
  • HitBTC
  • CoinEx
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